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Family First Business

Kathy Vacho is the sole proprietor of Barefoot Painter LLC. Throughout the summer you may see any one of her family members at the jobsites. During the school months you will see her husband and eldest daughter at estimates, color consults, and at the jobsites while painting is underway!

Barefoot Painter LLC takes great pride in being a family company, and all our staff, and their families, play vital roles as members of the Barefoot family!

Photo Credit: Cheyan Shackleton Photography LLC

Meet our full-time team of highly trained, professional, courteous, and motivated painters! These amazing individuals strive to make Barefoot Painter the #1 choice of home and business owners.

Our Team


As the Operations/Sales Manager you will see Dan at estimates, visiting jobsites to deliver supplies, and helping on worksites as needed. Dan works with suppliers to keep our prices as low as possible to ensure our customers are always able to get top quality materials and a good price. Dan also leads our company safety program to ensure our staff are always putting safety first and working with equipment they can trust. 



Julie works tirelessly as the Barefoot Painter LLC Project Manager, as well as working with training, hiring, and retention. At our shop you will often hear Julie referred to as "Boss" because she keeps the day-to-day tasks flowing effortlessly. Her attention to detail, communication, and organization is unmatched. You will find Julie checking in on projects, training in new crew members, or working with crew members on advancement training.



As a Lead Painter and the Barefoot Painter LLC Color Coordinator you will work with Kyleigh before painting begins if you need help choosing your colors. Kyleigh has experience working for a national paint supply chain and brings her expertise from there to help our customers decide what paints will bring them the look they want to achieve in their homes/offices.  As a Lead Painter you will find Kyleigh directing projects from start to finish, ensuring high quality every step of the way!



Iman is a Barefoot Painter LLC Lead Painter. She started working as a Painter Helper while she was still in high school, and then joined on full-time upon graduation. While she can come across as shy and/or timid, she brings great leadership skills with her to every project. Iman is always looking for ways to improve both her own performance and that of the company. Her positive energy she brings to work every day is so contagious!



Hailey is a painter at Barefoot Painter LLC. Hailey worked a couple of summers for Barefoot Painter LLC while she was attending school. Hailey also helped Kathy as a part-time Office Manager for a short time before deciding to get back into painting full-time. She brings wonderful painting skills, a great attitude, and a fun personality to every project she is at. She has amazing attention to detail and loves to see things looking clean!

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